Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkey Countdown

The other day I was playing with my Kiwi Lane Templates , I was trying to come up with fun ways to make turkeys. (you saw one on the card in the last post) Thank goodness I took pictures of the template ideas  and was able to pull them out when I decided to make this cute countdown.
 I took this one into my 1st grader's classroom for them to have fun counting down the last week before Turkey Day!
Kiwi Lane Rings, Nature and Tiny Nature Templates
One sheet of double sided paper, I used Basic Grey Pyrus
A number of different scraps in coordinating prints for the feathers
2 brads for eyes
Ink, dauber, scissors, paper distressor

 Here is how I laid out the templates so I knew what I was going to do. I put the larger Nature Leaf behind the and the smaller leaf layered in front.
 Now that you have a plan, layer your Rings out on your sheet of paper and trace them.
 The quick and easy secret to cutting rings is before cutting out individual rings, cut a slice through the paper from the outside to the center ring. Pretend that I have not cut the individual rings yet in this photo. Once the slice is cut you will be able to easily cut out each ring. I don't worry about cutting through the ring, it is easy to layer over it and hide the slice. Continue to trace the feathers using the Nature and Tiny Nature Leaves in various coordinating prints.
 At this point decide which side of the double sided paper you want to use for each of your turkey layers. I played with them and the different leaves until I liked what I saw.
 Now that you have laid it all out and know which side will be top, ink all the edges and distress  I snipped all of the feathers to give them a little more texture.
With all of that done it is time to glue it all together! I then cut a a beak from scraps and attached 2 brads. Add the countdown strips and start the fun! 

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